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Neckties initially began as an accessory, adding a bit of formality to an outfit. These days ties are used as a fashion accessory and to express personal style.

A tie is considered "skinny" if it is as large as 3 inches and even as small as 1.5 inches and we have a huge variety of stylish skinny ties to choose from in different sizes.

It is important to know the different types of bow ties and what to wear them with. There are four types of bow ties that work with each individual: Butterfly, Classic, Narrow, and Diamond Tip.

Novelty ties show off your individuality more than any other type of tie. They let you show off your interests, favorite sports teams and personality and are a great way to be known.

Cufflinks are a useful yet very stylish and timeless accessory that can turn even the saddest of outfits into chic ensemble. Cufflinks enhance your confidence because of their fabulousness.

Starting big day, you'll never go wrong with adding the finishing touch that a pocket square brings. This key accessory be an essential element to a man's attire.

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